Acid Base Stoichiometry Lab Report


Your lab report should include the following sections and it will be submitted through canvas. Please note that your submission will be through Turn-it-in so copying someone else’s lab report will be apparent and will be marked accordingly.

Lab Report

Purpose: State the purpose of the experiment in your own words. This will be a broad statement on the purpose of the lab.

Introduction: This section should cover the chemistry concept(s)/theory involved in the experiment. Explain what this experiment is about and how the goal of the experiment will be accomplished. The introduction should not be lab procedure. Use your own words but please use your textbook as a resource in understanding and explaining the principles underlying the lab.

Procedure: This section should be a general procedure that you followed to complete the lab. There is NO need to go into great detail, but you need to report enough detail that a reader understands how you completed the lab. Make sure that you include what web resources that you will use for the lab.

Note: All the above sections of an experimental report should be prepared in advance.

Data/Observations: Since these labs are web based, you will be given simulated data, data tables prepared for you, and simulations. For most of these labs, you will record your all primary data, such weighing measurements, volume measurements, observations of chemical reactions, and the like which will be recorded as you perform the experiment. It is bad laboratory practice to record primary data on paper towels, napkins, or scratch paper. It is very important to write the data and observations accurately and neatly in your lab notebook. Whenever it is possible, record data and observations in a table format. It is recommended that you prepare the table in advance. Refer to the Data Sheet in your lab manual for this purpose. If a mistake is made, or if it becomes necessary to alter data or observations, do not erase or use liquid paper. Draw a single line over the mistake and write the correct data or observation above or beside it. All information must be recorded in permanent ink. Record only your own observations or data, and not your neighbor’s. Copying or presenting someone else’s data as yours are considered plagiarism and academic misconduct. It can have serious consequences.

Calculations and Results: Again, whenever possible, use table format for your calculation. Include in this section any chemical reactions, key formulas for calculations, etc. If the same calculation is to be done more than once, show the details once and just present the final result for the others. Pay attention to the units and significant figures. Not all experiments have a calculation section. Some experiments may have a combined Data/Calculation section. Some may have only Observations/ Results section. Chose the correct format for each individual experiment.

Conclusion/Discussion: This section is very important. Your conclusion should reflect the purpose of the experiment and whether that was accomplished. If there is an unknown involved in the experiment, what is your finding about the unknown? If the true value is known, what is the percentage error? Don’t restate procedure in this section.

Lab reports should be typed using your computer.

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