Alkylation of M Xylene & Methylpropane Lab Report

Post Lab Report Format (typed, printed, page numbered, single spacing) (make sure to put Your Name and Your Partner’s Name together)Title (Alkylation of m-xylene)Purpose (why we did the exp.)Chemical Structure (make sure to put the reference) You can draw your own structure with free software (any chemical structure drawing software is ok. However, put the name of the software below the structures)Safety Information/Physical Data (physical properties of compounds)Procedure (Your own paragraph form (3rd person))Clean-Up (how to clean up the wastes)Observational Data PresentationAny gas formation? Color of alkylated m-xylene? Final mass of alkylated m-xylene? IR? Briefly explain IR of the product. (See the attached IR in this announcement)Discussion (in PARAGRAPH FORM)What is Friedel-Crafts alkylation? What is xylene?Why t-butyl chloride (2-chloro-2-methylpropane)?What does “m” stand for in m-xylene?Why FeCl3? What is Lewis acid catalyst?What are the purposes of the H2O, NaHCO3, and aqueous NaCl washes?Which layer is which? (Organic or aqueous?)Why sodium sulfate (Na2SO4)?Explain the IR of alkylated m-xylene.Is It different from the reactant IR (m-xylene) in the lab manual? How different?% yield? Any possible sources of error?References (ACS format for discussion)Side reaction: N/A% yield: show your calculation work.Mechanisms: N/AAnalysis of TLC/IR/NMR: show the IR again and explain the IR of alkylated m-xylene in detail.Post Lab Questions: N/A

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