Assay of Alkaline Phosphatase Laboratory Report

Summarize labs 2-5 using the Journal of Biological Chemistry format. Describe background information, all procedures you did, results, and then discuss whether or not the results were expected in the discussion section. You will be graded according to the rubric posted on eCampus. The figures and tables you should include are also posted on attachments provided List of Tables/Figures for Lab Report 1:Tables:1.pKa of PNP at different pH levels, from lab 3, experiment 3-2, #42.Amount of enzyme and slope table from method 1 in lab 4, including a column with the mM/min values you calculated.3.Same as #2, except from method 2 in lab 4Figures:1.Graph from Lab 3, experiment 3-1 (given in worksheet)2. pH vs absorbance in lab 3, experiment 3-23.PNP standard vs absorbance, with linear trendline and equation. Also include the 4 unknown samples as points on your graph.4.Bradford method standard vs absorbance from lab 4, method 3, with appropriate trendline, equation, and R2. Also include the enzyme sample plotted on your graph as a separate point.5.Michaelis-Menten graph from lab 5, with trendline and equation.6.Lineweaver-Burk plot with all 3 lines plotted, with trendlines and equations.

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