Calorimetry Enthalpy of Reaction Reaction of Zinc with Hydrochloric Acid Questions

PURPOSE In this experiment you will use calorimetry to experimentally measure the enthalpy of formation of Zn2+(aq) change associated with the reaction of zinc with hydrochloric acid. You should review the Background materials from Calorimetry Part 1: Specific Heat Capacity, before proceeding. II. BACKGROUND As mentioned in the previous experiment, calorimeters can be used to quantify the changes in heat that arise from physical and chemical processes. In this experiment you will be conducting a chemical reaction and determining the enthalpy of reaction (DHrxn) through the careful monitoring of the changes in temperature in your calorimeter. By measuring the change in temperature for the solution (DTsol) caused by the chemical reaction (the process) you will be able to determine the heat change for the reaction (qrxn) which is related to the heat change in the calorimeter through equation 1. The total heat in a closed system must remain constant, which is represented by equation 1:

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