Career Paths in Medicinal Chemistry Worksheet

Before reading the articles listed below, what types of laboratories do you think drug development occurs in?

Read the following two articles


What new types of drug discovery laboratories did you discover in these readings?


After reading the articles, can you name four things that medicinal chemists value? In thinking about this question, consider what evidence each author presents as validation of their success in their individual career path.


Another article in the same issue of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry focused on the goal of attracting and retaining women in the field of medicinal chemistry. (A Different Kind of Medicinal Chemistry Toolbox by Donna M. Huryn and Maria Laura Bolognesi)


Was diversity one of the values that you mentioned above? Why or why not?


Choose three of the tools proposed in this article and comment on how they could be related to the values that you identified in the previous question.

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