Chem worksheet- Molecular chemistry

Chemistry 130

Name: _____________________________________

Unit Exercise 5: Chapter 6

1. a) In the space below or on your own paper, complete the molecular orbital diagram for the valence

electrons of superoxide anion O2–. Label each molecular orbital with 2s or 2p, as well as σ or π and an
* if needed (for example “π*2p”). Fill in the electrons in the MO diagram. Based on your diagram,
calculate the bond order for this species.

Bond order:___________________________________________

a) Based on your responses to part (a), is O2– likely to be a stable molecule? (Circle one) yes no

b) The ion O2– is (circle the correct choice): diamagnetic paramagnetic

Chemistry 130

2. The orbital drawn below is a representation of one possible molecular orbital (MO) for carbon dioxide
formed from a linear combination of atomic orbitals on the C and O’s. Phases are shown in grey or
white. Answer the following questions about the molecular orbital:

What type of orbital is it? (circle one): σ σ* π π*

How many nodes does the orbital have?___________

3. What are the theoretical ideal bond angles for A, B, and C, and the hybridizations of the selected


Also fill out the following:

Number of σ bonds:__________ Number of π bonds:__________

Formula: ____________ Molar Mass: _________________

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