Chemistry in the Making of Bread Discussion

A) The first task (5pts) consist of determining your topic. Make sure your topic is unique and is not taken by someone else. Pick a topic that interest you that has a chemistry component to it. Some topics in the past has been: components of air in our atmosphere, Beer making and chemistry, sound and light waves and unique uses, biology and chemistry. The list goes on and on.B) The next task (10pts) will be to research your topic and write a short summary (3 to 4 paragraphs) with references about your topic.C) The final part (35pts) of this poster session is to upload your report/ poster on the Discussion Board. You can use PowerPoints or Word for your presentation and the format should be in the order of :Title of the PosterYour name and sectionIntroduction paragraph Background MaterialInteresting facts Any calculations, reactions, etc.Uses in our daily lives Pro/ ConsConclusionPhotos and graphs really help get your message about the topic across better than a lot of words. Be sure to explain the photos and graphs.This is your time to shine and get into something that you have an interest in- use it and have fun.

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