Chemistry Lab on Calorimetry Worksheet

First, you will need to read pages 1-8 (9-10 are already done)Second- watch the 2 videos attachedthird-on a document do the following (please label it so I know which is which) some of this can be found in the second video I attached Objective: Write a short statement describing the purpose of the experiment.Theory: Write a paragraph explaining the theoretical basis for this experiment (background information)Procedure: Write an outlined procedure about the experiment fourth- On a new page please Calculation/graph: Follow the instructions below to complete parts I, II, and III of calculations. Calculation/ graph ( Part 1) : answer questions on page 60 in the attached pdf ( Part I)Calculation/graph (part II) : answer questions on page 61, 62 in the attached pdf ( part II) Calculation/ graph ( Part III) : answer questions on page 63, 64 in the attached pdf ( part III) part 5- The excel is a data sheet, every student has a different number. my number is 127 so please use the data associated with that number

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