chemistry Molecular Shapes and Polarity Chemistry Questions

In this assignment you will determine the structures of a variety of molecules and polyatomic ions. You will use an online molecular simulation to help build virtual 3D representations of each structure. This simulator should work in most common web-browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari…).To complete this assignment you need to:1. Download the instructions and the worksheet for this lab assignment. Read and follow the instructions carefully to complete the worksheets. The instructions include how to complete the worksheets, how to use the PhET molecular shapes simulator (Links to an external site.), a reference table of properties of molecular shapes, and an example of a completed structure for the polyatomic ion NH2-2. Watch a narrated powerpoint presentation showing how to use the PhET molecular shape simulation (Links to an external site.). See instructions for viewing presentations below. This presentation is also available as video.Play media comment.3. Watch a narrated power point presentation showing how to work through the worksheet for the polyatomic ion NH2-Preparing and submitting your  you complete the worksheets, take a picture of each completed page or scan them. Make sure the quality is good enough to view clearly. If I cannot read it, I will not grade it.It is best to submit as a PDF or .jpeg (jpg) file. You can submit one file for each page or combine them into one file. It is best if you submit one file.Check out free PDF Converter and free PDF Merge tools to convert photos to PDF and combine multiple PDF into one file. Small PDF also has other free tools for working with PDF files.Please name your file for submission using the convention “Lastname_FirstInitial_Shapes” replacing “Lastname” and “FirstInitial” with your own lastname and first initial (for example: Dutnall_R_Shapes.pdf).When you are ready, click the “Submit Assignment” button at the top of this page and use the options available to upload your file(s). Remember to click “Submit”. The due date is November 8th at 11:59 pm.If you need help, or have not submitted an assignment in Canvas before, check out this assignments help video.Viewing Presentations To view a presentation, download the file to your device and then open using Microsoft Powerpoint.The presentation will not begin automatically. You will need to launch the presentation by either clicking the icon at the bottom of the Powerpoint window that looks like a projection screenor go to the “Slide Show” tab and then click the icon at the top left that says “From Beginning”During the presentation you will need to advance slides manually by clicking, pressing the space bar or the right arrow key.At various points in the presentation you will see video segments of worked problems. You will need to start each video by clicking the image to being (click again to pause at any point).Check the volume settings on your device to make sure that you can hear my voice over of the slides.

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