chemistry project on thermodynamics

Instructions on thermodynamics projects

Grading Rubric:

· Creative (try to explain concepts using images) and Organized Submission (10 points)

· Clear, correct explanations of Thermodynamic Terminology using images/pictures/GIFS/Memes (15 points)

· Explanation of the Three Laws of Thermodynamics (15 points)

· Explanation of Spontaneity, Entropy, Free Energy and their relationship to each other (10 points)


Create an Infographic, Mind Map, Web Page, Animation or Cartoon to creatively explain and analyze the relationship between Entropy changes and spontaneity in chemical reactions.

Thermodynamic Terminology: Explain each term using Images (explain the terms with minimum words) Work, State Function, Reversible vs Irreversible, System vs Surrounding, Entropy, Enthalpy and Gibbs free energy.

Explain ALL THREE Laws of Thermodynamics – give an example or real life application of each law. Examples should include images.

Differentiate between Spontaneous and Non – Spontaneous reactions. How do you predict spontaneity? Give examples (images/graphics) of each. 

Explain the relationship between Enthalpy, Free Energy and Entropy. (There is a chart)

DUE DATE: This assignment is due December 13th, 2020 at 11:30pm.

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