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QUESTION 1Which is considered a fossil fuel?CoalSolarWindHydrothermal2 points  QUESTION 2Which is considered a physical science?PhysicsBiologyZoologyBotany2 points  QUESTION 3Refrigeration has been used since the late 1800s and early refrigerants wereSafeFlammable and toxicInertFluorine compounds, CFCs2 points  QUESTION 4The smallest concentration listed below isParts per millionParts per trillionParts per billionParts per thousand2 points  QUESTION 5Which activity comes first in the scientific method?ConclusionHypothesisExperimentationObservation2 points  QUESTION 6A patient’s body weight is 158 pounds which is equivalent to82.1 kg34.8 kg348 kg71.7 kg2 points  QUESTION 7The measurement 0.0000043 m, expressed correctly using scientific notation is4.3 x 10-74.3 x 10-64.3 x 1060.43 x 10-5

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