Concentration of Carbon Monoxide Questions




DUE ON 11/13/2020, at 5:00 PM

  • Should be typed Or clearly printed with black pen using engineering paper and scanned, except for question-2
  • If typing, using “Word”, select “INSERT” and “ EQUATION” and then “ INSERT NEW EQUATION” to type in chemical and mathematical formulas.
  • SUBMISSION should be THROUGH CANVAS ONLY. Email submissions are not be accepted

Question-1(25 points)

Compute the dissolved concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) that would be in equilibrium with a gas phase containing 0.1ppm CO by volume. Express the determined concentration in mg CO/L.

Question-2 (50 points)

  1. Using the charge balance equation and the excel spreadsheet approach; determine the range of pH for a water in a cloud that has equilibrated with 1.0 ppm by volume SO2. The following is given:



  1. Calculate the pH of the same water using Visual MINTEQ.

Question-3 (25 points)

A groundwater supply is initially at pH 8.0 and contains 2*10-3 eq/L alkalinity. If the alkalinity is all attributable to the carbonate system, determine whether the water is under-saturated or supersaturated with respect to atmospheric CO2

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