Recrystallization of NBS Purification Solid Crude Compounds Worksheet

I’m working on a Chemistry exercise and need support. Write a conclusion that summarizes the experiment and its outcome(s). A conclusion is derived from the data obtained and clearly demonstrates the success/outcome of the experiment. It highlights the important points/outcomes of the experiment performed. Restate the purpose of the experiment.Restate any calculated results (do not include raw data i.e. mass of empty flask).Restate outcomes in regard to product characterization/purity.Give reasoning to any possible sources of error.Think about the data/results that help you make an overall conclusion of the outcome/success of the experiment, e.g. which data/results demonstrates that the recrystallization was successful (that the product was pure)? why or how? what are you comparing it to?
The experiment: Melting point analysis-Fill a capillary tube with ~2-3 mm of recrystallized NBS and determine its melting point range.Melting point analysis-

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