Electromagnetic Energy Writing Scientific Essay

Objective: Writing about scientific principles and phenomena is an increasingly important skill in the 21st century. This assignment is designed to help you understand a major concept covered in this unit while also helping you develop your science writing skills. One key to effective science writing is explaining how science can be used in everyday life. You’ll do this in a 500-600 word paper. You should:

1) Formulate and answer a question Sample questions Select a concept that was covered in lecture of chapters 5 and 6 and formulate a question. Use this question as the title of your essay.

2) Explain how this applies to a friend or family member Examples of applications Write a 500-600 word letter to a family member or close friend, answering this question, and discuss how the information could be useful to this person in their own life. Be sure to include some concrete information that was covered in this unit, explaining why the information is relevant to this person’s life and useful for this person. Be sure to explain how the information applies to this person and give examples.

3) Structure your letter as suggested below • State your question in the title. • Begin your letter by addressing your recipient: Dear _________, • 1st section: Give an overview of the answer to your question. • 2nd section: Provide the scientific details of the answer to your question. Be sure to select the relevant information from class notes and the textbook. • 3rd section: Make it personal. Explain why this information is relevant to this person’s life or useful for them and give examples. Since you will be writing about science from a personal perspective, you can use personal pronouns (I, we, you, etc.). This assignment requires that you formulate your own question and approach, so do not use the sample questions or specific examples provided above for your paper. Great ways to start questions that will help you think deeply in this class include:

How do/does ______? Why is/are ______? What is the difference between ______?

For this assignment, work independently and do the best you can; you’ll receive feedback on your work after it’s turned in.

Formatting Your paper should be 500-600 words, double-spacedExamples, but you will not allow to use them in you essay. you just take idea and choose another examples

• Microwave ovens excite the rotations of the polar water molecules in your food, heating it up. In your own life, you benefit from the polar water molecules in your food when you use a microwave oven to make popcorn.

• Burning fuel in the presence of oxygen is an example of an oxidation/reduction chemical reaction that generates heat. In your own life, you might burn propane (C3H8) to heat a grill when barbequing.

• Bleach (sodium hypochlorite, NaClO) is a strong oxidizing agent. In your own life, you might use bleach to treat stains.

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