Set up Electrochemical Cells & Verifying Nernst Equation Lab Report

1. Complete the following calculations using the raw data from the data table and fill out the rest of the data table. SHOW ALL YOUR WORK FOR THE CALCULATIONS. . – Ecell Standard for all cells – Ecell Nernst for all cells – Eox for all cells – Ered for all cells – % Error for all cells2. Fill out data table Data Table Part AElectrode 1 (Cathode) Reduction Electrode 2 (Anode) Oxidation Ecell (V) Measured Eo cell, (V) Nernst Eo cell(V) Standard Ag (0.1M)(0.799V)Zn (0.1M)(0.763V) 1.252 AgCu (0.001M)(-0.337V) 0.361 AgCu (0.01M) 0.382 AgCu(0.1M) 0.47 Part BHalf Cell Reaction Concentration Eo Ox (V) Calculated Eo red (V) Calculated Eo red (V) Theoretical Percent error Cu2+ + 2e- à Cu (0.001 M) +0.339 Cu2+ + 2e- à Cu (0.01 M) +0.339 Cu2+ + 2e- à Cu (0.1 M) +0.339 Zn2+ + 2e- à Zn (0.1 M) -0.762 3. Include 1-5 sentences that briefly summarize the procedure and what information was obtained ■ Example: – ____ g (or mL) of Reagent A were reacted with _____ g (or mL) of Reagent B until a precipitate formed/gas evolved/color change occurred. Observations were made and data were collected. Table 1 represents _____. Table 2 represents _____. Figure 1 represents _____. Figure 2 represents ____.*Table 1 and table 2 are the data tables. 4. Complete the discussion questions and be specific: – Give a thorough interpretation of the results -What is the purpose of the salt bridges? What would happen if they were allowed to dry out? – Describe the possible sources of error in your measurements of cell potentials and how the potentials would be affected by the error. Which parameter should be measured most accurately to obtain the best result? (Hint: Check Nernst equation)- Is it possible to obtain the number of electrons required for the overall reaction from the slope of the graph? How?- What is the purpose of using the Nernst equation in this experiment?5. Write a conclusion paragraph in the following format: ■ Re-state the purpose of the experiment – For example: “The purpose of the experiment was to ___________” ■ How did you attempt to meet the purpose? – For example: “This was done by___________” ■ Was the purpose met? – For example: “The purpose was/was not met and…” ■ Was the actual outcome close to the anticipated outcome? – For example: “…the actual outcome was/was not near the anticipated outcome” ■ Why or why not? What errors did you specifically experience in this experiment? – For example: “The reason for the difference between the actual and anticipated outcomes is that during the experiment errors A and B occurred…” ■ What are some future improvements to this experiment?Experiment pages 238-244 in lab manual

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