Heat Capacity Questions


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Chem 110: Quiz 11 (~25 Minutes)

Directions: Write answers in the spaces provided. Report all answers to the appropriate number of significant figures and with the correct units. SHOW ALL WORK!

Required Questions (practice  pp. 236-240)

  1. How many joules of heat are required to raise the temperature of 10.1 grams H2O gas from 101°C to 213°C?


Achievement Questions (practice  pp. 236-240)

  1. An unknown mass of aluminum at 85°C is added to 49.0 g of water at 17°C. What is the mass of the Al if the final temperature of the mixture is 31°C?






  1. A 2.50-gram sample of unknown material changes temperature from 16.4°C to 84.1°C when 22 calories of heat are added. What is the heat capacity of this unknown material?







  1. How many joules of heat are needed to vaporize 4.50 kg of liquid water at exactly 100°C?







  1. What is the density of gaseous C2H2 at 2.46 atm and 84°C?






  1. A 9.10-gram sample of O2 gas at −48°C gains 340. calories of heat. What is the final temperature of the gaseous oxygen?






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