Hendersen Hasselbach Equation Questions

discover a new acid with formula HA that has pka = 3.86. You titrate 0.0250 L of 0.100 M HA with 0.100 M KOH. Determine the pH after the addition of:

a)0.00 L of 0.100 M KOH ,

b) 0.0080 L of 0.100 M KOH,

c) 0.0125 L of 0.100 M KOH,

d) 0.0250 L of 0.100 M KOH,

e) 0.0300 L of 0.100 KOH A new chemical X is recommended to be added to bottled water to prevent dementia. X is a diatomic molecule, and the target concentration is set by the government to be 1 mg X2 per liter. The presence of Mg in bottled water can lead to the precipitation of the added chemical X in the form of MgX2. What is the highest concentration (molarity) of magnesium ions in bottled water that is allowed if the concentration of X meets the level targeted by the government? Ksp for MgX2 is Molar mass of X = 19 g/mol. 3. A new ionic compound of Cu+ is discovered with formula CuZ. CuZ has a Cu also forms a complex ion with newly discovered ligand T that has the formula The overall formation constant for is Calculate the molar solubility of CuZ in pure water.Calculate the molar solubility of CuZ in a solution with a concentration of ligand T = 3.0 M. PLEASE SHOW WORK!

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