Higher Vapor Pressure on Chemical Substance Questions

Answer the following question and problem and respond with a PDF attachment. 1) Substances that are more volatile have higher vapor pressure than those with less volatility. TRUE OR FALSE?2) How many kilojoules of energy are required to change 50.0 g of ethyl alcohol from 60 Celsius to vapor at 78.4 Celsius? The specific heat of ethyl alcohol is 2.138 j/g Celsius 3) Vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by a _____ in equilibrium with its _____. The vapor pressure of ______ with ______ ____. 4) In the given molecules F2, Cl2, Br2, l2- What is the most dominant IMF in the below molecules? – Rank them from the weakest to the strongest? 5) Calculate the percent of water in magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 6) The meniscus is convex if the adhesive forces are than the cohesive forces. TRUE OR FALSE? 7) What are the boiling points of the ethyl ether and ethyl alcohol – Ethyl ether – Ethyl alcohol 8) The dominant IMF’s (intermolecular forces) in the following molecules is- H2O – H2S- H29) How many joules of energy are required to change 50.0 g Cu from 25 Celsius to a liquid at its melting point, 1083 Celsius? Specific heat of Cu=0.385J/g Celsius Heat of fusion for Cu=134 J/g10) Determine which of the following molecules would hydrogen bond with other molecules like it. For those that do not hydrogen bond, find the corresponding IMFa) Br2 = b) CH3 – O – Hc) CH3 – O – CH3d) NH3Please use the following attachment to solve the problem

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