Internal Standard Problem in a Chromatography Experiment Questions
  1. Ethanol has a density of 0/789 g/ml. what is the molarity of ethanol when 100 uL of ethanol is added into 10 ml volumetric flask and dilute to the mark
  2. Under what a circumstance, an internal standard should be used? If a chemical can be used as an internal standard, what are the basic requirements for an internal standard?
  3. Calculate the following internal standard problem

word image 704

  1. In performing the analysis with GC, a student loads the syringe with approximately 1.0 µL of the standard sample using the air sandwich technique. Then when preforming the second injection, using the same technique the student accidentally loads above 1.0 µL of the unknown in the syringe. Is this variability in injections going to cause issues in determining concentration? Explain.
  2. The stationary phase in exp 12 is a liquid phase. based on the chromatogram, please determine whether the stationary phase is a polar phase or non-polar phase, why?
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