Law and The Production of Hydrogen Gas Lab Report

Can you help me understand this Chemistry question? Lab Report: Analysis of a Two-Component Alloy Purpose:To use the ideal gas law and the production of hydrogen gas to determine the percent zinc and aluminum in an unknown, two component, alloy.The lab report should include theory and methodology, keeping in mind you are working with an “ideal” gas.Skills and Knowledge:Expand and improve on your writing skills with respect to formal lab reports.Use your knowledge of chemical reactions and two equation, two unknowns, to solve for the composition of the alloy.Tasks:You lab report should include: Title pageObjectiveIntroduction.Results and Calculations sectionDiscussionConclusionPost Lab Questions (in the lab manual)Your report will also include:changes to the published proceduresexperimental observationsquantitative observations (aka numerical data)qualitative observations running logExperiment Results:Two component alloy experiment results. Results from the experiment are presented in the table below. Pictures of what the experiment looked like during the procedure follow.Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3Mass of weighing paper (g) 0.1211 0.1410 0.1074Mass of weighing paper and alloy (g) 1.3374 1.3441 2.7150mass of bottle and water (g) 4670. 4693. 4744.mass of bottle and water after reaction (g) 3534. 3566. 2311.Difference in height of levels of liquid (Dh, cm) 11.44 11.74 7.80″””1″” means level was higher in the starting bottle””2″” means level was higher in the ending bottle” 1 1 2Temperature of gas above water after reaction (oC) 23.7 24.7 23.4Temperature of water after reaction (oC) 23.8 24.7 23.3Atmospheric pressure (mmHg) 751.0True value: %Zn 46.71True value: %Al 53.29Lab Manual is attached as a pdf below:lab manual includes information about the experiment and the post lab questions.

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