Law of Partial Pressures Exam Discussion

Week 8 Molecular Orbital (MO) theoryMO DiagramsRemember that key to this is being able to determine the hybridization of atoms also from week 8!Week 9Ideal Gas Law and the Combined Gas LawCalculations for Ideal GasesGas StoichiometryWeek 10Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures (Continuation of gases)Introduction to Thermochemistry – Heat transfer, temperature, heat capacity of objects (q = s*m*deltaT or “smat”)Changes in Internal Energy (q+w) versus Enthalpy (~q)Thermochemical Equivalence = Finding q reaction using stoichiometryWeek 11Finding delta H = Bond Dissociation EnergiesFinding delta H = Hess’ LawFinding delta H under standard conditions = Using Heats of FormationFinding delta H = Coffee cup Calorimetry (qrxn = n*deltaH or “nah”)Finding delta E = Bomb Calorimetry (q rxn = n*deltaE or “knee” and qcal = C*delta T or “cat”)Drawing enthalpy diagramsWeek 12Defining the difference between thermodynamics and kinetics using enthalpy diagrams.Kinetics and the rate lawThe dependence of the rate constant on temperatureArrhenius plots and the rate constantWeek 13Determining the rate law from the method of initial rates (differential rate law)Determining the rate law form the method of changes in concentration over time (integrated rate laws)How rate law relates to reaction order relates to reaction mechanism

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