Liquid Absorption Capacity Lab Report

Lab Assignment 10

Your name: Your section: GRADE ____ /25 p

All work must be neat and organized. You must communicate clearly and succinctly and use terms and concepts correctly. Disorganized, illegible work will not receive credit.

1. Experiment 1 Calculations (9p). You wish to determine how the liquid absorption capacity of sodium polyacrylate varies as a function of the nickel ion (Ni2+) concentration. Employing the procedure outlined in the Lab Assignments 10 & 11 Guide for Experiment 1, you obtain the following:

Table LA10-1. Liquid Absorption Capacity of Sodium Polyacrylate as a Function of Nickel Ion (Ni2+) Concentration

Concentration of Ni(NO3)2 Solution (M)

Mass of Sodium Polyacrylate (g)

Incubating Volume of Ni(NO3)2 Solution (mL)

Volume of Filtrate Collected (Unabsorbed Ni(NO3)2 Solution) (mL)

Volume of Ni(NO3)2 Solution Absorbed by Sodium Polyacrylate (mL)

Volume (mL) of Solution Absorbed per Mass (g) of Sodium Polyacrylate




































Your task is to the complete the last two columns given the data already present in the table. In the space below, present your calculations; you only have to show one example of each calculation type.

2. Experiment 1 Graphing (7p). Using EXCEL and the above data and results, prepare a volume (mL) of solution absorbed per mass (g) of sodium polyacrylate vs. Ni(NO3)2 concentration plot. Paste-in the plot below.

3. Chemical Explanation of the Trend (4p). For the above Volume of Solution Absorbed per Mass of Sodium Polyacrylate vs. Nickel Nitrate Concentration plot, clearly explain the trend in the data on a molecular level. That is, propose on a chemical level an explanation for the observed relationship between the independent variable (Ni2+ concentration) manipulated and the dependent variable (volume of solution absorbed per mass of sodium polyacrylate) that was measured/determined. Your response must demonstrate a degree of understanding and depth to receive credit.

4. Experiment 1 Prediction (5p). Predict how many grams of sodium polyacrylate would be needed to completely absorb a 0.50 L spill of 0.030 M solution of nickel nitrate. Clearly indicate your reasoning. Show all work – including all calculations.

Chapter 2 Test: Extension Question


For this part of the test, I want you to find the food label for your favorite snack food. You can take a picture of the nutrition label with your phone. If you don’t have your favorite snack food on hand, you can do a Google search for nutrition label. For example, I enjoy eating Frosted Mini Wheats as a snack. When I did an image search, I found a good version of the nutrition label. Make sure the ingredients list is included!

word image 943


  1. What is your favorite snack food? Insert a picture of the nutritional label here.


  1. List all the elements that can be found on the periodic table that are in your snack food, in order of most to least in one serving.


  1. Are there ionic compounds in your snack food ingredients? List the names and chemical formulas of any ionic compounds in your favorite snack. (you can look up the chemical formulas if needed)


  1. Are there any molecular compounds in your snack? List the names and chemical formulas of any molecular compounds in the snack. (you can look up the chemical formulas if needed)


  1. Pick one ingredient on the list that you are curious about. It could be something you have never heard of before, or an ingredient you know well. Look up some information about this substance. Describe what you have learned, for example, why this ingredient is added to the food, what is the source of the ingredient, is there any nutritional value, and other things you learned about it.
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