Organic Synthesis of Acetaminophen Experiment Essay Paper

Introduction: What are the goals or objectives of the experiment? What analysis tools/techniques were used? What were they used for? What information does the reader need to know in order to understand the rest of your lab report? Observations: Include a summary table of all experimental data values Include appropriate descriptions of all reactants and products Results and Calculations: Include a complete reaction equation for the synthesis Show all calculations required to determine the theoretical yield of acetaminophen(including determining the limiting reagent) Show all calculations required to determine percent yield Discussion: Compare your results to expected results (theoretical values) where possible Discuss your findings and comment on the accuracy of your results Assess the methods, techniques and apparatus used How is the percent yield used? How is the experimental melting point used? What does it tell us about the products? Conclusion: Address your objectives, were they met? Summarize your findings

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