Physical and Aggregate Analyses Questions
  1. Which EPA method you would use for the analysis of volatile solvents (e.g., trichloroethene, chloroform, toluene) in groundwater samples at μg/L concentrations. Provide your reasoning behind the selection.
  2. If 3.0 mL of 0.02 N H2SO4 is required to titrate 200 mL sample to the phenolphthalein end point, which is the phenolphthalein alkalinity as mg/L of CaCO3? If additional 20.0 mL of H2SO4 is needed to reach the methyl orange point, what is the total alkalinity as mg/L of CaCO3?
  3. What are the potential methods that can be used for testing hardness? What are the interferences for these different methods? Download a copy of a standard method for testing hardness through titration and submit the copy together with this homework assignment.
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