Reaction Between Potassium Iodate and Sodium Sulfite Lab Report

I’m studying for my class. The first file is a sample lab report to help you navigate how it needs to look. For this lab there will be no graph. The sample lab report is not how this lab needs to look. It’s just there to show you that you need a title, procedure, materials, etc. Use for Lab Report! Lab 5E – Each video is one experiment. In this lab, you will complete four (4) experiments. Use the pH data given in each video assess the effectiveness of an Acetic Acid/Sodium Acetate buffer. Then write a lab report and submit. Use the below youtube videos for the lab and the document attached lab 5 information. You tube video: Analysis of Buffer Effectiveness; Addition of Strong Acid/Base to Water/Buffer – 4 videos (6:27 min) #1 – Water Only (1:44 min) #2 – Dilute buffer #3 – 0.1 M Acetic Acid/Acetate Buffer #4 – 0.01 M Acetic Acid/Acetate Buffer

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