Redox Equation & Chemical Equilibrium Lab Report

 Redox Equilibria I 2020

  1. Calculate pe values for the following equilibrium conditions (assuming 25o C):
    1. An acid solution 10-6 M in Fe3+ and 10-3 M in Fe2+.
    2. A natural water at pH 7.5 in equilibrium with the atmosphere.
    3. A natural water at pH 8 containing 10-5 M Mn2+ in equilibrium with MnO2(s).
    4. A natural water at pH 7 containing 10-4 M HS and 10-6 M SO42-.
    5. Different metals are sometimes connected together in household faucets. Determine whether Zn or Ni will dissolve when each are connected together in a galvanic cell at standard conditions.
  2. Pure silver (Ag(s)) is placed in two waters; one is surface water in equilibrium with the atmospshere and the other is a groundwater under sulfate reducing conditions (SO42- M and HS M). Both water are at pH 7.0.
    1. What will be the concentration of Ag+ at equilibrium in both waters?
    2. What volume of water would be required to dissolve 1 mg of silver in both water?



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