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Start with a single paragraph that summarizes the entire experiment. It is usually easiest to write the abstract last (even though it will appear first in the report). Briefly state the purpose of the experiment. Then identify the hypothesis being investigated. Next give a brief description of the general methods used to conduct the experiment. After describing the methods followed, write one or two sentences providing the key results found; note trends or patterns found in data. Next indicate if the results of the experiment support your hypothesis. Explain why or why not.

Keywords: Include a list of important terms in the report.

Lab Report Title

Type your introduction here. This is a paragraph that states the main topic and key ideas of the experiment. State your purpose and hypothesis. It may feel somewhat repetitive with the abstract, but go into more detail about the overall purpose of the experiment and how it is relevant to what you are learning in class.


Use a sufficient level of detail to describe the process used to conduct the experiment. The description provided should be sufficiently detailed so the reader can clearly understand the steps you took to complete the experiment. List the equipment or supplies used and any specific timing involved in the experiment (as applicable). This section may be multiple paragraphs long depending on the number of steps involved in the experiment.


In this section, describe the results of the experiment. Include any data collected. The data may be presented using paragraph descriptions, tables, graphs, or a combination of these. When using tables and graphs, be sure to include titles, proper units, etc.

Graph 1: Chart Title Describing Results


In this section, interpret the results of the experiment. Draw conclusions and support those conclusions with your data. State whether or not your hypothesis was correct. Explain why or why not. If there were any specific questions your instructor asked you to address in the discussion, this is the place to include it. Make connections between observations made in the lab experiment and concepts you are learning about in the course. Note if there were any limitations or errors encountered while conducting the experiment. How could it be improved? What are some next steps you can think of for future studies/experiments? This section may be several paragraphs long.

Use internal citations throughout the document whenever you are referencing ideas from another source. The internal citations should appear in parentheses at the end of the sentence or section containing the referenced material. The citation should include the author(s)’ names and the year of publication.

Example: (McDonough, 2017)


List your citations referenced in the report using APA format. Be sure to format the entries correctly depending on the type of resource: a book, a journal article, a website, etc.

Here is an Ivy Tech resource you can use to review APA formatting:

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