The Reaction of Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment Worksheet

Write a 1 page paper detailing an experiment or chemical concept. Single spaced, 12 pt font, normal margins. Submit to Gradescope. Here are websites with ideas, but you are not limited to only these. You should write out a script that includes a description of the concept you are illustrating in the video. it needs to be related to a concept covered in class. There need to be spoken words in it, and a script submitted (with URL for video) detailing those words. Think of the cooking shows on TV where they demo a recipe while giving you interesting facts about the food origin, preparation, history, etc. Now just apply that to Chemistry and explaining a concept. Remember there are points for quality as well as explaining the chemistry. Film it and post to YouTube, Submit the script and link to video to Gradescope. *If you choose to do an experiment, it should NOT just be a typed protocol or summary of results from a protocol. It should EXPLAIN what is happening (think of “why”), relate it to what you learned in class. Grading: 5 pts for choosing a concept from this class 7 pts for correctly explaining the chemistry 8 pts for quality/readability- whether video/script or paper One of the reasons we gave you 2 weeks to work on it and think about it is that we are interested in what you learned in class. Please put thought into it, we have all worked to make sure you still got the highest quality possible education despite the chaos.

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